Well, my favorite time of year has come and gone. It was a lovely celebratory weekend, though! The Midtown Scary Pub Crawl was a blast on Friday night (although my Target Bigot costume was a wee bit too cerebral for the drunken masses). Saturday was a wasted day due to a nagging headache, but I did manage to peel myself off the couch long enough to go to Hobby Lobby (why oh why can’t you be open on Sundays???) and get the remaining supplies for my pot-holder/apron project.

And then there was Sunday. Halloween. The best day of the year was finally here! Long time (and recently moved back to Atlanta) friend Alex came over for dinner (aka she was my new guinea pig). Earlier that day I had been trolling the Cooking Light website’s soup section looking for inspiration. I found it in the form of Pumpkin-Black Bean Soup! It was awesome and here are my tweeks:

    I did not have Sherry Vinegar, so I used Balsamic
    I did not have Dry Sherry, so I used Creme Sherry
    I added an extra teaspoon of Cumin
    I added a generous teaspoon of smoked paprika
    I did not grind the beans/tomatoes before cooking. I waited until the soup had cooked and gave it a half-puree with my stick blender
    I swirled 1 teaspoon of 0% fat Greek Yogurt into each bowl of soup before adding the Queso Fresco

Man, that’s a lot of tweeks. Oh, well. It worked and it was awesome. I even think you could add some chopped or shredded rotisserie chicken to this for extra protein. Yum!

Before and after dinner we watched some Halloween appropriate movies — Coraline (hey, Tim Burton IS Halloween) and Labyrinth (um, hello, David Bowie also IS Halloween). Good times.

I even had a few trick-or-treaters this year. Sadly, only two were in costume. When did kids get to start coming to your door in their street clothes holding a book bag and count it as trick-or-treating? WTF. I was MEGA disappointed. MEGA. Their parents should be fired. Someone call Donald Trump.


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