Well, my favorite time of year has come and gone. It was a lovely celebratory weekend, though! The Midtown Scary Pub Crawl was a blast on Friday night (although my Target Bigot costume was a wee bit too cerebral for the drunken masses). Saturday was a wasted day due to a nagging headache, but I did manage to peel myself off the couch long enough to go to Hobby Lobby (why oh why can’t you be open on Sundays???) and get the remaining supplies for my pot-holder/apron project.

And then there was Sunday. Halloween. The best day of the year was finally here! Long time (and recently moved back to Atlanta) friend Alex came over for dinner (aka she was my new guinea pig). Earlier that day I had been trolling the Cooking Light website’s soup section looking for inspiration. I found it in the form of Pumpkin-Black Bean Soup! It was awesome and here are my tweeks:

    I did not have Sherry Vinegar, so I used Balsamic
    I did not have Dry Sherry, so I used Creme Sherry
    I added an extra teaspoon of Cumin
    I added a generous teaspoon of smoked paprika
    I did not grind the beans/tomatoes before cooking. I waited until the soup had cooked and gave it a half-puree with my stick blender
    I swirled 1 teaspoon of 0% fat Greek Yogurt into each bowl of soup before adding the Queso Fresco

Man, that’s a lot of tweeks. Oh, well. It worked and it was awesome. I even think you could add some chopped or shredded rotisserie chicken to this for extra protein. Yum!

Before and after dinner we watched some Halloween appropriate movies — Coraline (hey, Tim Burton IS Halloween) and Labyrinth (um, hello, David Bowie also IS Halloween). Good times.

I even had a few trick-or-treaters this year. Sadly, only two were in costume. When did kids get to start coming to your door in their street clothes holding a book bag and count it as trick-or-treating? WTF. I was MEGA disappointed. MEGA. Their parents should be fired. Someone call Donald Trump.


You thought I’d forgotten. I hadn’t. I’ve just been busy.

Sometime last week (or maybe even the week before, I am s.l.a.c.k.) I went fabric shopping on a whim before book club. It was an auspicious day – Joann’s was having a sale! I found two red and white based, old-fashioned fabrics that will make a glorious apron for just $3 a yard. And then I saw it. Blue and white based San Francisco fabric. It was kismet. I had just been thinking earlier that day that I should make an apron for good friend Lauren who married her lovely wife Melissa in San Francisco. I needed that fabric. Needed it. And at $3 a yard, I got it. And then some.

Bursting with excitement I blab all about my fabric find to Lauren who says, “I love aprons. I’ve even bought a few, but I never wear them, and now I don’t even have a cute place to hang one. You’re a crafty gal, Bethie, I’m sure you can come up with a fantastical use for said fabric.” Hrm. Stumped. What am I going to make out of three yards of fabric? Not a clue. Not one. Really.

That weekend I head out to Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party with fun friend Jessica. We had a lovely afternoon tea, which was only slightly marred by the overly heavy sweet to savory ration on our tea board. Chocolate overload much? I wanted pimento cheese and chicken salad, drat!! On the way to the car this cute little kitsch shop caught my eye. What’s that in the window? Why, it’s art by high school chum and painter extraordinaire Tim Boyd. We had to go in. After looking at (and coveting) several pieces of Tim’s whimsical, yet satirical work Lady Fate whacked me across the face with a hand made potholder. That’s right. A potholder. And just when I was wondering what to make with all that San Francisco fabric that Lauren and Melissa might like and use. Ta-freaking-da. I expect we’ll be using said items at the next meeting of the Gay-Straight Alliance.

So in addition to experimenting with aprons, I’m going to experiment with pot holders and place mats. I already know how I’m going to do it. All I need is some interfacing, some cotton batting, some edging ribbon and a quilting needle. Oh, and did I mention this lamp? (if you don’t get that reference, we’re probably not going to make it as friends)

I have a plan. I am inspired. Autobots, roll out.

{September 12, 2010}   The Apron Chronicles

I was talking to my good friend Rebekah the other day about what she should get her aunt and uncle for their birthdays. We bounced ideas back and forth and eventually talk turned to homemade gifts. From there we progressed to discussing canning and baking – what we’d done, how it worked, what we’d like to do, etc. And then she asked me THE QUESTION.

Rebekah: “Do you wear aprons?”

Me.: “Of course I do. I love aprons. I have like, five.”

And then that cartoon light bulb appeared over my head with a 3000 watt bulb – boing!!!!!!!

Me: “OMG! Rebekah! We could make aprons.”

Rebekah: “Totally. I was just looking at a pattern, and I’ve seen some fabric that is to die for…”

And that is how The Apron Chronicles was born. I devoted the next 20-30 minutes searching for unused, affordable apron patterns on the internet. I wanted options. I wanted vintage style. I wanted half aprons. I wanted it all. And I found it on Etsy for just $9.99. Three pattern packets – S, M and L. Take a look for yourself:

These lovely patterns were shipped on Friday. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I can’t wait to go fabric shopping. Hello $1 a yard bin. It’s been a while. Of course, this will all have to wait until after I get back from vacation on the 25th, but I wanted you guys to know what you have to look forward to: me, waxing eloquently about aprons, fabric, debacles with the sewing machine and basically whatever else I feel like.

Oh, and did I mention that I finally want to finish that quilt this winter? I bought all the supplies years ago and they’ve been collecting dust.

I’m on it. Domestic goddess status in five, four, three, two…

A Little Note About Projects and Me

Let’s start this off right. I’m terrible at projects. Wait. That’s not entirely true. I’m awesome at projects. Hrm. That’s not true either. Let’s try this: I’m great at coming up with projects and even better at starting and accessorizing them. What I don’t do well is finish them. So, let me pre-warn you. This may never happen. Or it could start and then just as suddenly disappear. Be prepared.

et cetera