{September 5, 2011}   P’s Best. Day. Ever.

Yesterday Persephone, RouxBarb and I went to Karin Slaughter‘s author talk at the Decatur Book Festival. It was awesome. She talked about her Save the Libraries Project, her book series, growing up in Georgia and life as a writer. As always, she was hysterical. After the talk she had a brief book signing and even consented to sign my Kindle.

You guys already know from previous posts that I am a HUGE Karin Slaughter fan, as is Persephone. If you haven’t read her yet, DO IT. For serious. You won’t regret it. In addition to being a captivating murder mystery/thriller writer, she’s also just about the coolest person I’ve ever met. She’s smart, funny, caring AND she has her very own 5 foot tall metal chicken. That’s right. SHE HAS HER OWN CHICKEN!!! Not only that, but she had it before The Bloggess and her Beyonce made having chickens cool.

We had a brief chat at the book signing, during which I was a complete bumbling idiot. I think I may have damaged my quest to be her new BFF. In my line of work I meet quite a few celebrities and have learned to take it in stride, but not yesterday. I was in total sweating-bullets-nervous-fan mode aka bumbling idiot. She was still super cool to us, though.

So, thank you, Karin Slaugher — for writing your books, for your support of libraries, for being such an engaging speaker, and for being such a cool human being. You made our days!


Well, it turns out that the employees of Turner Field LOVE them some chickens. P strolled right through the gates after being wished an enjoyable game by the ticket attendant, had another employee clear the path so that she could have her photo made with a giant Braves’ ball, was stopped by the Fan Photo guy to have a family portrait made, and partied her little heart out in the Golden Moon Casino suite.

Next up, meeting Karin Slaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Persephone was a bit worn out after her fun-filled vacation, but now she’s back in action. This past week she whipped up a batch of Watermelon Margaritas and some Asparagus Salad for my book club friends and then continued to get her fruity drink on while watching Project Runway. On Sunday, she took a day trip out to the Davis family farm for some fun in the sun with old friends from Athens. One of them even brought her a playmate.

P also came with me to work today. Right now she’s proofreading a few emails. Hopefully she won’t cause a ruckus. Right after work I’m taking P to her first Atlanta Braves game. Hopefully they won’t discriminate and will let her in the gates! Tune in tomorrow to find out!

P’s Watermelon Margarita Recipe

1 seedless watermelon, cubed
1/2 bottle white tequila
4 limes, juiced (reserve limes post-juicing)
1/2 cup triple sec
1/2 liter sparkle water

Puree the first four ingredients in a blender. Pour into a pitcher and stir in sparkle water. Drop in the reserved limes. Serve over ice and enjoy!

P’s found the Asparagus Salad recipe in Cooking Light (I’ve shared my obsession with her) and it was SO good that she wanted to share it with you.

Also, P is ridiculously excited to meet Karin Slaughter this weekend at the Decatur Book Festival!

Persephone’s last day of vacation was pretty run of the mill — some new ink, a run in with the cops, a few new friends and what may or may not be a threat from Mr. Pink.

What will P get into next? Stay tuned…

Persephone had a big day today filled with a lot of firsts. She tried everything from Waffle House to rum drinks to mini golf. Overall she was genuinely admired and even got a few strokes from strangers. Honestly, she’s a little sad that we only have one more day of vacation, but she’s been having a great time!

Today we took Persephone to Pier Park, which is a walkable shopping center/carnival/bar scene. She partied until her little chicken heart was content. For the most part, people were unbelievably cool and welcoming. As always, there were a few naysayers, but P would just glare at them from her beady side-eyes and they’d slowly back away. Darwinist instincts at their finest.

She’s having a little sugar induced nap right now, but who knows what she might get into next…

{August 16, 2011}   Persephone’s Big Day Out

Yesterday, Persephone experienced the ocean for the very first time. She was a bit tentative at first, but a few margaritas and some encouragement later and she was swimming like a champ.

A whole day at the beach with P and only one pair of uptight, middle-aged ladies gave us the stink eye and inquired, “And just what is the purpose of this?” To which I quite nonchalantly (and super sarcastically) replied, “It’s P’s first trip to the beach. Of course we’re going to take photos.” Boy did they feel stupid.

Beach day = check. Up next – Coyote Ugly.

A couple of weeks ago, on this blog, I introduced you to my new chicken, Persephone. What none of us knew then was exactly how obsessed with her one might become. And by one, of course, I mean me.

Let’s back this up a few steps. You all know that I think chickens are assholes. Well, it turns out that only LIVE chickens are assholes. Dead or fake chickens are actually quite fun. Earlier this summer I participated in a photo shoot with the most amazing Marc Turnley (NSFW link, btw). Marc is this awesome photographer that I know. He really knows how to make a girl feel so comfortable that she can really and truly be herself — even if herself is slightly (ok a lot) strange. Well, it just so happened that there was a taxidermy chicken around that night and we had a lot of fun with it. The resulting photos are amazing, but I’m not quite ready to share them.

Now let’s segue to my discovery of The Bloggess and her five foot tall metal chicken Beyonce. I have never laughed/cried/snorted so hard in my life. And then there was the magical moment when I first laid eyes on Persephone. She called to me and I knew I had to have her.

Since then, Persephone (who has her very own knife and a rockin’ personality) has been very active. She’s watched (and snarked on Facebook about) Project Runway with some of my college friends:

And now she has accompanied G and I on vacation! Here are a selection of photos from Persephone’s beach vacation so far:

Packing a few books for the beach.

Seatbelted in and ready to roll!

Having some boiled peanuts from a roadside stand in Dothan, Alabama.

Checking out the Florida welcome center.

All unpacked and ready to party!

Hogging the Cheetos after a long night (brr that air conditioning is cold.

Still on Persephone’s to-do list are a day at the beach and dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly. Photos to follow!

et cetera