{August 12, 2011}   Jesus was a Minotaur

1) Actual conversation G and I had today:

b: What do you want for your birthday?
G: A grill pan.
b: Not a tattoo? You’d be hotter with more tattoos.
G: I’m not hot now?
b: You’re hot enough.
G: You’re an asshole.
b: You love it.
G: I thought of a tattoo I want, but you won’t like it.
b: What?
G: A bible verse.
b: I’m not paying for that shit.
G: Fruits of the spirit.
b: I know you love Jesus and all, but since I think he’s a mythical creature…shit! That’s my next blog title: Jesus was a Minotaur.
G: Yeah. I guess Minotaurs are mythical (pause) enough.
b: Shut up. What about a pin-up girl?
G: I’ll think about it.

Now that I’ve introduced the topic, meet Jesus, the Minotaur.

I chose this photo because I thought it had a reasonable resemblance (look at that robe) and because this Minotaur is kind of sexy (what?) and because it came from an interview with/about the Pixies. I effing love the Pixies.

Speaking of bands I effing love(d), Jani Lane of Warrant died yesterday. This makes me sad. I was a huge Warrant fan back in the day. People just don’t understand the greatness of 80s hair bands these days. I could lie and say that I didn’t have the poster (below) hanging on my wall in the 8th grade, but we’d both know that I was lying and that would defeat the point. I see a drunken karaoke version of Sometimes She Cries in my near future. This one’s for you, Jani…


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