{August 10, 2011}   Paging Doctor Haldol

We’ve talked about the fact that I may have a screw or two loose before, haven’t we? I hope so, because if not this is going to come as a total surprise.

Here is the conversation I just had with G over text message:

G: You don’t remember me coming home last night, huh?
b: Um, I vaguely remember you kissing my neck.
G: I got home 30+ minutes before that. You threatened to stab me for not laying correctly.
b: Um…what?
G: Yeah. You actually reached for the knife, which is why it was on your dresser this morning. I removed it from under the mattress.
b: Um…sorry?

Yeah. That just happened. Anyone for a sleepover?

rouxbarb says:

Funniest thing ever. Still laughing. You are genu-WINE.

Nicole Pezaro says:

Jake has no idea just how lucky he is that I don’t sleep with a knife. Genius:)

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