{May 9, 2011}   Things I Learned This Weekend

So, this past weekend was Mother’s Day weekend and I spent a good portion of my time out in Loganville with my folks. Let me share with you a few little things I learned:

1) Fire Hydrants are effing heavy. So heavy, in fact, that if your Dad wants to plant one in your Mom’s flower garden it will take you, your mom, your dad on a bobcat (tractor/bulldozer thingy with bucket) and some skinned knees.

2) If you fall and slide on bark mulch you will have tiny little splinters that in turn cause tiny little blisters all over your knees in addition to skinned places.

3) If you put G in a pool his inner five-year-old will surface and cavort around making faces and doing silly dances.

4) Children do not like mini-fritattas, but do like cinnamon rolls.

5) Napping on a float in the pool IS just at wonderful as I remembered it from years past.

6) If you don’t tell them what’s in it, Dads will actually like healthy homemade strawberry frozen yogurt (and think it’s ice cream).

7) If you are rummaging around in a bunch of Yuccas trying to get your hands on a teeny, tiny kitten, they will sting you and leave quite a welt.

8) Playing “Life” at 11 pm with a 10-year-old, a nearly 12-year old and your Dad is pretty hilarious. One of my nephews drew the job “Entertainer” and the other decided that he was a drag queen.

These priceless lessons are brought to you by Mother’s Day in Loganville.

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