{April 18, 2011}   Home Sweet Home

Same old place/Same old city/What can I do?/I’m falling in love

I love Atlanta.

I love Atlanta not just because it is home, but because it is a city with a rich history (some good, some bad), with a revitalizing present, and with a bright future.

I grew up about fifty miles east of the city in the (then) rural town of Loganville. There wasn’t much to do in my home town, unless you enjoyed “cow tipping” or drinking Golden Grain in the Ingles’ parking lot. For those of us who wanted more out of life, Atlanta sparkled in the distance – The Forbidden City. None of our parents thought we’d be safe visiting Atlanta, so that is exactly what we did as soon as the first of us procured a set of keys and a driver’s license. We got lost, we had adventures, we blared the radio and we felt very grown up. We were in the CITY. It was proof positive that there was life beyond the cow pastures and dip swilling locals that we saw every day.

After college I left Georgia behind on a series of adventures (England, Virginia, Germany), but Atlanta never lost it’s pull. I always thought of it as home, even though I’d never technically lived there. Each time I made the trek back to see family and friends this song was my go to as the journey neared it’s end:

I landed back in Atlanta about five years ago to lick my wounds after life threw me a curve ball and assumed it was a temporary landing place. As it turns out, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. As an adult I see Atlanta not just as a symbol of the “more” that is out there, but as the living, breathing, beautiful, flawed, vibrant city that she is. I enjoy the diversity of the people, the endless options for food, entertainment, culture and relaxation that Atlanta affords me. I’m slowly learning to navigate the convoluted spider’s web that are the Atlanta streets. I’m watching the city get more beautiful as neighborhoods transition and become safer, more prosperous. I’m putting down roots.

Atlanta – She’s not perfect, but she’s home.


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