{March 8, 2011}   Let’s Pause for a Lovefest

Can we talk about some things that I am love, love, loving lately? Too bad. We’re going to anyway.

1) Netflix. I would never have made it through that first day on the treadmill had it not been for the episode of The Chapelle Show that I streamed on my laptop which was lovingly embraced by the magazine holder on my dinosaur of a machine. Since that first day, Netflix has been my constant treadmill companion (with the exception of those brief few days in which I watched Teen Witch on DVD because I really did want to Top That!).

2) Propel and La Croix. I hate the way water tastes. I know that’s weird and unnatural, but it’s also true. That made the prospect of drinking just water on ye ole diet quite daunting. Propel saved the day. When it came to kicking my rampant Grapefruit Italian Soda habit, I turned to La Croix. My nose doesn’t know it’s not water, but my calorie count doesn’t shoot up.

3) L’Thai Organic Cuisine and Wine Bar in Smyrna, Georgia. (Yes, I know that link goes to the one in Tucker, but they have one in Smyrna’s West Village now, too!) All I can say is OMFingG. For realz. This place is the Truth. They have the option of nutty, but not clumpy brown rice instead of white rice with all of their entrees, uh-may-zing curries and a coconut soup that overflows with veggies and deliciousness. All of this and an atmosphere that is relaxing and appealing to the eye? Check.

4) Bunny Rabbit photo shoots. BFF Abby just happens to have the most adorable bunny, Henry. We did a photo shoot with him and an Easter basket. It was beyond awesome.

There are more, but I have to get back to work. What’s flipping your switch lately?


rouxbarb says:

OK, I’ll play. 1) Dark chocolate covered soy beans from Trader Joes. Because sometimes a girl just HAS to get her candy on, and what better way than one that is heart health, somewhat low sugar, with bonus fiber and protein?? I must have these in the house at all times. For emergencies.

2) Thick cut rolled oats soaked overnight in Greek yogurt with a touch of vanilla, cinnamon and honey and then COVERED in #3. I mean I would seriously die without it. It is the highlight of my every morning, except on weekends when I vow to shake it up with an omelette or something, but inside I am mourning that I cannot have my soaked oats. LOVE.

3) Fresh strawberries. I practically wet my pants walking into Publix to see $4 32oz strawberries. I LOVE STRAWBERRY SEASON! And yeah, I know, pesticides and all that stuff on the non-organic variety, but WHATEVER. Because I love them. And I wash them really well and choose not to think too much about what I don’t wash off.

4) Fishy.

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