{March 3, 2011}   33 Years In the Kitchen – Week 35

Yes, I know week 34 is missing. But trust me, you SO don’t want the recipe I tried last week. It was bad…and boring. I’ll spare you recipe 34.

That brings us to recipe #35. In my quest to become a thinner, healthier eater (i.e. stop conducting my life like it’s a food free-for-all) I’ve been seeking out healthier recipes and even looking into several healthy food movements. BFF Lauren has been practicing Clean Eating since the beginning of the year and has had great overall health improvements and successful weight loss. This inspired me to do some internet and periodical investigations and I came across this recipe from Clean Eating Magazine (which BFF Lauren swears by): Guiltless Chicken Parmesan.

Now, the last two weeks have been unusually busy for me at work so G did the cooking and we did take a shortcut or two (used a jar of organic sauce instead of making our own), but we kept to the spirit of the recipe. It would have been fabulous had I not hated the flavor of the particular sauce that we used. I’ve even bought my very first Clean Food cookbook.

I have yet to decide if I am going to wholeheartedly embrace the Clean Eating lifestyle, but reading about the movement has definitely given me some good ideas of simple changes I can make to improve the quality of the food I put into my body and it gives me an excuse to tweak recipes. So, for now, bye-bye white flour/white pasta and hello whole grain!

As an update, my new healthier eating and actually exercising (starting slow on the exercise, but remaining steady) have netted me a 7-10 lb weight loss thus far and I’m not quite a month in. Hopefully I can keep this train moving and still bring you delicious recipes!


fairbetty says:

Congrats on the weight loss and healthy eating, miss! You’re awesome!

rouxbarb says:

Yay! Yay whole grain! Yay weight loss! Yay clean eating! I’ve been thinking about subscribing to CE mag for awhile now. My mother even sent me an e-mail about it awhile back saying, hey, this sounds like you.

And then she brings me an entire pan of box mix brownies. Why?

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