{February 3, 2011}   33 Years In the Kitchen – Week 31

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Martha Stewart. Although it did not include any stock tips, it did include a host of delicious fish recipes. As you can imagine I copied several recipes into my database, but I was particularly struck by Seared Salmon with Mustard-Caper Butter. Stop the presses! Could this possibly be a recipe that I don’t have to tweak? I mean, I am pretty much in love with every single ingredient. Wow.

So Monday night rolls around and when G strolls in from work around 1:30 am he has a bag full of individually wrapped/frozen salmon fillets that he purchased at work. Score. The cut/quality of this restaurant grade salmon is so much better than what I can get in the grocery store. My half-asleep little brain immediately decided we’d be having Martha’s salmon on Wednesday (G’s day off this week). As it happened, I was chatting with so much fun friend Mandy the next day about Brussels sprouts (obsessed, much?) and she gave me her favorite recipe for making them. A menu is born!

I was looking forward to cooking this meal all day yesterday. It was going to be awesome. I stopped at the grocery on the way home and got the bits and pieces that I didn’t already have in the pantry (sprouts, potatoes and a lemon) and then woosh! The wind went right out of my sails and I no longer felt like cooking. Shit. So, my sous chef had to step up and be the chef. Geoff made Martha’s salmon (recipe above) and Mandy’s Potato/Sprouts (recipe below as I interpreted it, which is probably different than how Mandy actually makes it) and some Fat Boy Bread (nickname courtesy of BFF Lauren) all while I lounged on the couch watching Season Four of 30 Rock (my new entertainment obsession).

It was delicious. Super delicious. Amazing even. I would eat both things again multiple times. Here is what it looked like:


Mandy’s Super Delicious Brussels Sprouts with Potatoes

Brussels Sprouts (enough for however many peeps you are having over for dinner)
Red Potatoes (same as above)
Olive Oil
Juice of Half a Lemon

1) Wash, trim and halve Brussels Sprouts. Wash and quarter red potatoes.
2) Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and spread evenly on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil (for easy clean-up).
3) Bake in a 425 degree oven for 45 minutes, stirring once.
4) Remove from oven and squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon over the sprouts/potatoes.
5) Toss and serve.


fairbetty says:

Let it be known that I thoroughly despise brussels sprouts… but that recipe makes me think I might need to reconsider… Also, I never used to eat fish (I do now, occasionally, though I’m mostly vegetarian), but that salmon looks AMAZING… yum! I’m hungry!

rouxbarb says:

I just got a salad with salmon on it from Wilma. I feel certain it won’t be 1/10 as delicious. EAT MORE FISH 🙂

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