{January 6, 2011}   33 Years In the Kitchen – Week 27, Back On Track

Remember how I told you that even though I was sick and slack as a mofo over the holidays, I would turn it around big time this week and make something UH-MAY-ZING? Well, I was right.

Last night, long time co-bff Abby came over to try out our new Wii (I’ll tell you about my love affair with the Wii later) so that she could decide if she wanted one of her very own. Because we wanted as much Wii trying out time as we could get, dinner needed to be something quick. And, as I’m trying to be healthier and Abby is an off and on health nut, I knew it also needed to be healthy. We settled on Gazpacho Salad with Cannellini Beans and Feta. Holy crap was this delish! I made the recipe mostly according to directions. I left out the onions (yuck) and used orange bell peppers because I LOVE them.

Not only was this salad delicious and juicy and tart and creamy, it was also packed full of bean protein and very filling. I totally recommend it. A lot. It was the perfect fuel for the back and forth Wii ass beatings we were dealing out as Abby tried out all of the games šŸ™‚


rouxbarb says:

I would love that salad, I’m sure. Actually, sounds pretty much like a salad I make all the time. I heart white beans. Having some for lunch…

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