{December 20, 2010}   Crazy Christmas Confessions

It’s Christmas week and work is slow and I have no motivation to do any actual work. What does that mean for you? You get to enjoy (or not) the random thoughts whizzing around in my cranium.

1) It’s totally embarrassing, but I want to go see NKOTB when they come in June. I feel like I owe it to my 12 year old self who didn’t get to go back in the day. I’m pretty sure I can still do the New Kids Dance. If not, I can totally fake it…with style.

2) I’m having a fudge making extravaganza at my house tonight with one of my besties Lauren Gilstrap. Top that. (Yeah, I totally just used the word bestie. Suck it).

3) I went to Young Harris College and even though I’m not an involved alumnus, there is something about that school, those people, those moments that will never really leave me. When I think of my time there and the friends I made and have made through those connections over the years my heart is full of laughter, happiness, loss, and bittersweet memories; but it is full none-the-less.

4) I’m going to catalog all of the books I read next year because I’m curious to see how many there are. I wish I had kept track this year. Actually, I wish I had been keeping track since I learned to read, but I guess I didn’t have that kind of forethought as a five year old.

5) Our Christmas Wii has arrived. I like Wii Boxing. It’s fun to hit stuff and it wears me out. I’m not half bad at it, either. I coulda been a contender!

6) I’m glad that my mom taught me manners. Some people just don’t have them and it sucks. For example, my great aunt tried to give me back the Christmas present I got her this year (wine) because she didn’t like it. Rude.

7) As much as I like other people’s dogs I think deep down I’m a cat person. My little Chesbo the Cheetah is getting skinny and I’m obsessing over it.

8) It is my observation that total strangers are more offended when you curse at them at Christmastime than they are regularly. (I’m looking at you man who nearly backed into my grocery cart at Publix yesterday and got an earful of cleverly constructed curses.)

9) Smacking is the worst thing in the world. I mean it. If I have to sit and listen to another person smack all freaking day I am going to lose it. I’ll be like Steve Buscemi in Billy Madison lying on my couch making a list of people to kill. UGH. If you have children, please for the love of all things holy (you know, like vodka and chocolate and kittens) teach them to chew with their tiny little mouths closed.

10) I think our sense of smell is wicked cool. Particularly scent memories. It’s probably my favorite thing ever.

What kind of random stuff is in your head today? Go on, entertain me.


#10: Makes me think of Marcel Proust. You give me the smell of moth balls and I’m 5 years old listening to John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain Christmas.”

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