{December 10, 2010}   33 Years In the Kitchen – Week 23

You guys already know that I like cheese. You already know that I have THE BOMB book club. You also already know that I am borderline obsessed with Cooking Light. What happens when these three things are combined? No, not Captain Planet. Deliciousness. That’s what happens. Let me give you a little rundown from last night (and the links to several awesome recipes):

Last night was our combined November/December Holiday Potluck Book Club meeting. Now, normally I abhor potlucks. You know, all of those strangers with unwashed hands and dirty kitchens and Hepatitis and god knows what else, ew gross count me out. But this is different. I know these girls. They are clean. They wash their hands. AND…they can cook! Famous in her own right Rouxbarb had the awesome idea to enable my addiction by suggesting that everyone make a new recipe out of cooking light for our meeting. Here’s what our menu looked like:

Oh, and don’t forget the hooch: white wine, champagne and decaf coffee with irish cream and butterscotch schnapps!

All of the dishes were fabulous and we ate and drank and told stories and chatted until our hearts were content. There was a bit of book talk and a new book was chosen and as we merrily traipsed out the door it really, truly felt like the holidays!


Carrie says:

I agree – a perfect kickoff to the holidays! I love book club. And people who call me svelte. 🙂

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