{November 26, 2010}   33 Years In the Kitchen – Week 21

We had quite a lovely Thanksgiving in the Davis household. G and I went to Mom and Dad’s, my sister brought my two darling nephews, and one aunt/uncle set came over. We ate a wonderful meal that was prepared 1/2 by mom, 1/4 by me and 1/4 by dad (he fried the turkey).

After the family stuffed itself on our Thanksgiving main courses, out came the desserts: Carrot Cake, Cherry Delight, Rice Krispy Treats, Key Lime Pie and my Vanilla Bourbon Pumpkin Tart. Everyone liked the super rich and creamy tart, including me, but I still prefer my staple Bourbon Pecan Tart. I’ll be making it at Christmas. However, if any occasion ever calls for pumpkin pie, I’ll make this tart instead. However, Cooking Light is on crack if they thing that one tablespoon of butter a crust makes and it took more like 40-45 minutes instead of 35.

After we ate the boys took Geoff out to the pasture and barn to burn off some calories (using unripe figs and slingshots to see who could make one explode against the wall of the shed and playing pool in the barn) while the rest of us lounged around a table in the gazebo telling old stories and talking about my uncle and paw-paw who were the light of our family until they passed. We still miss them.

The wind picked up and the sun went down and we were ready for our Thanksgiving nap, so I popped The Expendables in the DVD player (what? you guys already know I love Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke) and settled down amid a pile of pillows and nephews on the living room floor. Perfection.

How was your Thanksgiving? I know family time can be stressful for a lot of folks, so I hope it was as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Oh, and p.s., I’m totally eating leftover tart right now. Mmm, bourbon.

Great stories! Reminds me of the great times I used to have at my grandmother’s when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing.

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