{November 22, 2010}   Holidays, Food and Whatnot (whatnot opitonal)

So, it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m excited. There is just SO much food to look forward to this week. I’ll be heading to the homestead (aka Mom and Dad’s house in Loganville) on Wednesday to start the day and a half long cooking extravaganza that will end in a very late, very southern Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday (and leftovers for weeks!).

Don’t worry, though, I have no intention of slacking on 33 Years In the Kitchen just because there is a holiday. As a matter of fact, I’m using said holiday meal as an excuse (and all of the family members in attendance as guinea pigs) to try a new dessert: Vanilla Bourbon Pumpkin Tart. Now, the fact that I’m making something new, instead of my signature (read stolen from Cooking Light) Bourbon Pecan Tart with Chocolate Drizzle has caused a bit of an uproar in the Davis household. However, I told them bourbon is bourbon and it’s sure to be delicious so shut up already.

Want to know what’s on the menu? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway because I am just THAT excited:

Deep Fried Turkey (I totally had to beg, bat my eyes and say “but DAAAAAAAD” to get the turkey deep fried this year)
Southern Style Corn Bread Dressing (not that chunky dry stuff, the the moist delicious sage filled bake it in a pan and cut it into squares kind)
Giblet Gravy
Sweet Potato Soufflé (with pecan topping, not marshmallows)
Homemade (not from a box) Mac n’ Cheese
Green Beans
Collard Greens
Broccoli Casserole
Creamed Corn
Green Jello Salad
Deviled Eggs
Rice Crispy Treats
Cherry Delight
Vanilla Bourbon Pumpkin Tart
Slap Your Mama Sweet Tea
Caramel Cider Martinis

Wow, I think I gained 10 lbs just typing that and I have a sneaking suspicion that I forgot something. There will only be nine of us (7 adults and 2 kiddos) so that may seem like overkill, but we LOVE leftovers. And, want to know the best part? I found out on Friday that a certain family member who always tests my ability to bite my tongue and swallow heaping tablespoons of rage has to work and won’t be there. Jackpot!!

Once I wake up from my food coma, I promise to write all about the new recipe and how it compares to my usual holiday dessert. Then it’s time with out-of-town friends for the rest of the weekend and come Sunday G and I will go out in search of the perfect Christmas tree and I can get down to business making and wrapping presents. “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree/You fill my heart with music.” Did I mention that we’ll be playing the South Park Christmas Album while we decorate? What? You didn’t think I was going to go all traditional on you, did you?

fairbetty says:

Hey that’s me! That “out of town friends” reference is me!! Yay! We need to talk, coordinate, yeah! I’m excited to see you!

Also, your family’s Thanksgiving menu is not that much different than my family’s… with perhaps more bourbon than my family’s ;). Too bad I’m vegetarian and won’t eat most of it now… sigh…

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