{November 22, 2010}   Grudges, Grudgingly

I hold grudges. Forever. Seriously. I’m upfront about this when I meet people. “Hi, my name is Beth and I hold grudges.” I wouldn’t want anyone to be taken by surprise ten years down the road after we’ve had a parting of ways and we run into each other on the street and I’m all like “Fuck you, asshole.”

What I’ve figured out lately, though, is that it’s more than just a grudge I hold onto. Yes, I’ll never forget what happened. No, I’ll probably never forgive you. But, as it turns out, I’ll also probably always be just as pissed off about it as I am the moment whatever “it” is happens.

And that means I need to come up with a new name for my grudge holding. Are you ready for it? I’m not a grudge holder, I’m a BOX FULL OF RAGE!!!! You don’t want to get put into the box. Trust me.

I’ve also decided I need my own logo/icon/image/whatever they’re called. So, I’m having my sister drawn one up (that I designed). It’s forthcoming. Until then, I love this doll:

rouxbarb says:

Yeah, so I read this before bed last night and Psycho Sally haunted my dreams. Let’s stay friends, OK?

Laura says:

I’m right there with you with my own box of rage! I love this phrase – it’s just so perfectly descriptive.

Caroline says:

I KNEW there was another reason to stay on your good side…besides the obvious “you know way too much about me” one! 😉

That doll is seriously freaky…

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