{November 15, 2010}   Random, thy name is Beth

Here are some random thoughts I’m having today:

1) How effing hard is it to give someone a freaking courtesy wave? Every single morning on my commute I make a space for people (ONLY if they use a blinker, you non blinker using assholes can suck it) to move into my lane and I’d say 90% of the time they can’t even bother to waggle their wrist to say thank you. It really incenses me. I always courtesy wave. Always. This is how road rage is born, people. Lift your hand or I’ll lift my finger (and blow my horn)! Grrr.

2) I love Steve Madden. His Madden Girl collection is fun and flirty; his regular collection is sophisticated and beautiful; and he offers a wide variety of mid-range (2.5 inches) heels (my new favorite height). As a bonus, his shoes are actually comfortable. You can run in those bad boys! For example, I’m wearing these today:

3) I’m finally excited about Christmas shopping. I was feeling SO uninspired this year, but have made some good headway on my “what to get who” Christmas list this weekend and am feeling much better. Sales and discounts are abundant, my wrapping paper (bought post season and deeply discounted last January) is old school, and I can not wait for people to see my personally designed (and only slightly offensive) holiday greeting card come December!

4) Cheese is good. Sadly, G did not pack me any in my lunch bag today 😦 I suppose he figured the cheese in the leftover Chicken and Rice soup he packed me would be enough.

5) I have the best girlfriends ever. I mean that. I’m extraordinarily lucky. I have two good lady friends at work. You know, the kind that you also like to see socially even though you see them every day? I got ’em. Then there are the book club girls, the old (and new) college friends, a few choice high school buddies and some randoms that I’ve accumulated along the way. The best part is that these groups overlap and mix and match and boy howdy are they fun.

6) Puppies are cute. Adorable as all get out Mychal Voorhees (who needs to move her super self back to the ATL nowish) got me hooked on playing Puppy Showdown just this very morning. I’m kinda glad I don’t have one, though. I love playing with other people’s pups, but between Imogen and Chester’s daily demands for attention I really just don’t have the extra hands right now to give my very own puppy enough lovin’. Plus, three cats in a two bedroom apartment is plenty. One too many if you ask me…wonder if I could convince G to trade in his cat for a dog? Or better yet, for a Guinea Pig named Chuckles…what? a girl can dream.

Ok, that’s enough randomness for now.

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