{November 11, 2010}   33 Years In the Kitchen – Week 19

We have the lovely author of RouxBarb (good friend Barb) to thank for this week’s recipe. You see, I have a guilty pleasure. I like smut magazines. By smut magazines, I mean things like People and OK and US Weekly. Sometimes, when I’m really lucky, good friend Lauren will bring me copies of said smut after she reads them. I, in turn, pass them on to Barb. To say thank you for my role as middle man the food blog fairy will sometimes leave a copy of Real Simple magazine in my mailbox at work. Everybody’s happy. See, kids, recycling does work!

From one of these issues of Real Simple came this little gem: Autumn Squash Soup with Orange Zest and Nutmeg. Since the recipe gave me the option of using acorn or butternut squash, I decided to use one of each. Turned out to be SUCH a good idea. The butternut squash added fruitiness and the acorn squash added an earthy warmth. I also used fresh ground nutmeg. I’m fanatic about it. I used my handy stick blender again (thank you sous chef G) instead of a regular blender and whipped this soup up in just about half an hour.

G and I both enjoyed this fresh and delicious soup with some crusty bread and my very favorite salad. Because I’m full and happy, I’ll share the ingredients with you too:

herb goat cheese
chopped toasted pecans
mandarin orange slices
spring mix
blush wine vinegrette

I know it sounds simple, but it is uh-may-zing. Here’s what it looked like:

I hope you’ll try this combo. It’s wonderful.

p.s. See those mini squash on the table? Those were a gift from RouxBarb. She rocks.

rouxbarb says:

Props…all around!

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