{October 12, 2010}   It’s guys like you, Mickey

Not everything can be explained.  Some things just are. Take my slight obsession with Mickey Rourke, for example. There is no explaining it. It just is. There is something about him that I find irresistible. Then, now and at every stage in between I am drawn to him, attracted to him, intrigued by him. Something about him just touches me.

Most people find this strange. A few even think it’s gross. It was a little odd to me at first, but then I decided, what the hell? I am who I am and I like what I like. No harm, no foul. Just embrace it.

So, there’s my quirky little not-so-secret. Tell me something strange or unexplainable about you…It’s refreshing to be open and honest about yourself. You should try it. And while you think about it, enjoy this little ditty, which I dedicate to Mickey Rourke.



rouxbarb says:

I’m just going to leave all the secret telling to you…

bmd238 says:

Well, as you recently learned, all it takes is a little vodka.

rouxbarb says:

Yup. But here, I’ll play… I have a big girl crush on my (newish) vet. We used to make all our appointments with another dr. there, but saw this new chick once for an emergency and now I have a huge crush on her. I’m afraid I’m going to develop a case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy with my dogs just so I can keep seeing her. Though I already see quite a lot of her.

bmd238 says:

I love that. Luckily, you have five dogs and a cat and two of them require frequent vet trips already 🙂

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