{October 2, 2010}   I’m a gonna get fit

I don’t like to exercise. It’s boring. You get sweaty. It’s hard. Ugh.

However, I used to like it 15 or so years ago. I used to be an exercise queen. For a year or so in college I was up at 5 am, heading straight to the gym to lift weights, walk on the treadmill and do sit-ups for an hour and a half before work five days a week. Of course, I was also 21. Twenty-one year-olds have part-time jobs and go to classes and party and do homework and have already fit, slim bodies and plenty of energy.

Now, I’ a very out of shape 33 year-old who has not exercised regularly in years. You can imagine what that’s done to my body. I’ve tried things – hot yoga (injured myself), the apartment gym (smells bad and there are strangers there), tennis (i was the suck) and nothing stuck. I really want to change that.

So, last weekend I traded my mom a love seat for her sun room for a treadmill for mine. It faces the television. I have tennis shoes and exercise pants and a goal weight that I am keeping to myself. I started today. And I’m trying to do it right. I’m going to start by walking for a set (low at first) time limit and each week will increase the time limit and/or tempo. Slow and steady is my goal. Once I get into a rhythm I’d like to add yoga tapes into the mix. I used to like doing yoga at home.

We’ll see how it goes.


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