{October 1, 2010}   Happy Hallowhat?

Traditionally I am a scrooge about all things Fall/Winter related. You see, Fall/Winter are cold times. I hate cold times. Note: Anything under 75 degrees is cold to me. So, when most of you are excitedly pointing out nature’s signals that fall is coming (the slight orange tinge to a leaf, a crispness to the morning air), I’m grumbling under my breath about how Fall is really just Winter’s harbinger and oh my god am I already dreading the winter. Ugh.

The exception to my general cold-weather Grinchyness (yeah, I made that up, love it) are Holidays! Halloween in particular. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cooking and baking and homemade gift making that fills up my time in November/December, but Halloween is where it’s at. That’s right. For Halloween I’ll even toy with grammar.

So, what makes Halloween better than all of the other Fall/Winter Holidays? It’s pure fun. No stress over finding the right gift. No required awkward family gatherings. No modern religious overtones. Just candy and glitter and costumes and decorations and pumpkins and apple cider and haunted houses and ghosts and revelry and parties and did I mention candy? I couldn’t be more excited. I’m already writing with my Halloween pencil. I already have plans for at least one pumpkin carving day. I already have apple cider in my fridge. I have already ordered my Halloween costume. I already have a dinner date to eat pumpkin lasagna with awesome friends. I already have a Halloween image as my desktop background. I am ready to decorate my house tomorrow. Halloween, it’s on. I love you and this year I’m going to do you right.



rouxbarb says:

This almost gets me excited about Halloween. Almost.

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