{September 30, 2010}   For the Love of Cheese

I think that I’ve mentioned in passing that I am a member of a book club. What I haven’t said, is that it’s the best book club ever. Seriously. It’s a core group of about eight like-minded ladies (sometimes more, sometimes less) who meet mostly monthly at each others’ houses to eat, drink, chat, gossip and, oh yeah, discuss books. It’s completely laid back. Haven’t read the book? No problem. Can’t come this month? That’s cool. Hated the book? Better luck next time. It’s awesome. It’s way more than I ever dreamed when my dear friend Annika and I came up with the idea. In two years we’ve read a wide variety of books (some amazing, some horrible, some forgettable); tried a plethora of recipes (Carrie’s pumpkin trifle comes to mind); learned from one another (Your husband/boyfriend cooks twice a week? Huh. I’m going to make mine do that!); and straight up had a lot of fun.

Right about now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with cheese, right? Everything. You see, Barb (RouxBarb) was all set to host book club this month when out-of-the-blue her HVAC broke, which totally sucks for Barb. However, for the rest of us it means that we’re doing book club down the street at Los Loros (my very favorite Mexican restaurant in the universe ever). Yes! Thank you HVAC. Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally sympathetic towards Barb and her broken-down HVAC. I am. Really. And Barb is a really good cook and I’m certain I’m totally missing out on some amazing concoctions from her kitchen. Totally. But it’s hard not to be excited when I know that I’ll be having delicious (and strong!) margaritas served alongside some Nachos Los Loros somewhere around seven this evening while sitting in a booth with three (we’re a tad on the small side this month) good friends talking about books. Tequila + melted cheese + books + friends = HEAVEN.

I’m done. This day is awesome.


rouxbarb says:

Woooo! And made me laugh, which I needed.

Carrie says:

I had forgotten about the pumpkin trifle! Thank you for reminding me just in time for pumpkin season. LOVED Los Loros and their margaritas, and LOVE book club!

–the “future wife”

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