{September 16, 2010}   Logic…logically

This is the conversation G and I had this morning as we were leaving for our respective works:

G: You’re acting crazy.

Me: I am crazy.

G: True.

Me: So I’m just being me.

G: Your logic is astounding.

Now, I am not a logical person by nature. I’ve been called a lot of things – quirky, eccentric, weird, crazy – but never logical. And you know what? I like that about me. I like being quirky and weird and eccentric and crazy. It feels, well, normal.

Society has long expected people to fit into a mold, to live inside the box, to squeeze all of the uniqueness and specialness out of themselves. Homogenization, it’s what’s for dinner. How boring.

As long as your particular brand of crazy doesn’t hurt anyone, what’s the harm? At the very least it will make life more interesting.

I say we revolt. Let’s be ourselves. We’ll roll out the welcome mat to crazy town and let our respective freak flags fly high and proud!


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