{September 12, 2010}   The Apron Chronicles

I was talking to my good friend Rebekah the other day about what she should get her aunt and uncle for their birthdays. We bounced ideas back and forth and eventually talk turned to homemade gifts. From there we progressed to discussing canning and baking – what we’d done, how it worked, what we’d like to do, etc. And then she asked me THE QUESTION.

Rebekah: “Do you wear aprons?”

Me.: “Of course I do. I love aprons. I have like, five.”

And then that cartoon light bulb appeared over my head with a 3000 watt bulb – boing!!!!!!!

Me: “OMG! Rebekah! We could make aprons.”

Rebekah: “Totally. I was just looking at a pattern, and I’ve seen some fabric that is to die for…”

And that is how The Apron Chronicles was born. I devoted the next 20-30 minutes searching for unused, affordable apron patterns on the internet. I wanted options. I wanted vintage style. I wanted half aprons. I wanted it all. And I found it on Etsy for just $9.99. Three pattern packets – S, M and L. Take a look for yourself:

These lovely patterns were shipped on Friday. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I can’t wait to go fabric shopping. Hello $1 a yard bin. It’s been a while. Of course, this will all have to wait until after I get back from vacation on the 25th, but I wanted you guys to know what you have to look forward to: me, waxing eloquently about aprons, fabric, debacles with the sewing machine and basically whatever else I feel like.

Oh, and did I mention that I finally want to finish that quilt this winter? I bought all the supplies years ago and they’ve been collecting dust.

I’m on it. Domestic goddess status in five, four, three, two…

A Little Note About Projects and Me

Let’s start this off right. I’m terrible at projects. Wait. That’s not entirely true. I’m awesome at projects. Hrm. That’s not true either. Let’s try this: I’m great at coming up with projects and even better at starting and accessorizing them. What I don’t do well is finish them. So, let me pre-warn you. This may never happen. Or it could start and then just as suddenly disappear. Be prepared.


Jen says:

Love those! Want them all!

BJ says:

I love you, Beth M. You have a beautiful, charming, playful, yet, tender soul that shows through your musings. Keep it up-you brighten my day and fill it with love. Joy, BJ

rouxbarb says:

Woooo for starting projects! My X-mas/holiday project this year involves sewing, but nothing so elaborate. Please feel free to plan a beautiful, carefully crafted apron to gift me over the holidays, in exchange for which I will give you something laughable and pathetic.

If only we lived closer! We would totally have sewing groups, reading groups. OH, and we’d do corn shuckings, apple canning, and Xmas baking. We were born in the wrong era. We also live too far apart! ~IDL~

fairbetty says:

I also am terrible at projects. I wish you well in yours! I have an apron pattern here, but never got fabric to make it!

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