{September 7, 2010}   33 Years in the Kitchen – Week Nine

Photo courtesy of Food Network Magazine

Originally published August 30, 2010 on Facebook

This weekend I stepped totally out of character and joined the ranks of “Cheaters.” That’s right. Me. A cheater.

Geoff’s family (sister, brother-in-law, four nieces) were scheduled to come to our house for lunch and a swim on Sunday. Grilling out seemed the right thing to do (as we’ve newly acquired a grill). Since grilling is strictly a “those with a penis” activity, all that was required of me was to whip up two to three glorious side dishes. Just one little caveat — hold the wheat (one of the young ladies has a wheat allergy)! As always when doing any sort of group grill out activity, G begged (ok, he didn’t beg, but I knew he was begging inside) for potato salad and deviled eggs. He’s slowly, but surely, turning into a Southerner. This means that I really only had to figure out one wheat-free side dish.

Out came my trusty expand-a-file recipe holder and from that the entire contents of the “Sides” pocket. Most of the pages were discarded for their glutenity (yeah, I made that up) or simply for having flavors that were way too sophisticated for a child’s palate. What to do, what to do? And then I stumbled across this little gem:

So, this week’s recipe comes to you out of Food Network Magazine (See, I told you I was a cheater. I cheated on Cooking Light. Maybe now it’ll pay me a bit more attention).

The recipe was easy enough to make (although grating cauliflower is sort of a pain due to it’s intense desire to crumble) and turned out to be entirely delicious. I tweaked it (no!) by removing the scallions and adding cucumber (for crunch and because I had them leftover from making Book Club’s cucumber finger sandwiches). I think next time I’d use half as much soy sauce as they recommend. Other than that It was cool and crunchy and lemony and salty and delicious. The cauliflower flavor really shined through and gosh darn it, you just felt healthy eating it.



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