{October 17, 2008}   With Makers’ in my mouth, what could be wrong with the world?

Originally posted September 27, 2006

is there anything that rolling a little maker’s mark across your tongue can’t cure?

whiskey and i first met around the time i started teething.  gums hurt cause you’re cutting teeth? rub a little on. fussy baby? dip her pacifier in a little whiskey-coke and she shuts right up

we continued our acquaintance throughout my childhood years–let’s just say i could make a whiskey-coke before i could make a pb&j.

during adolescence we were strangers (because please, against what did i need to rebel?).

but we picked right back up in college and became good timin’ pals

now, whiskey and i are old friends.  that comfortable pal you tell your troubles to and who wraps you in a warm, fuzzy glow.

my experiments thus far lead me to believe that whiskey is, indeed, a cure all.

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