{October 17, 2008}   Uncoordinated + Hairdryer + Half-Asleep = ???

Originally published Decmeber, 17 2006

i’m not the most coordinated of beings, we all know this, but this morning’s debacle makes it to number 2 on my “you did what?” list of klutzy accidents (no. 1 is cutting my finger, deep enough to cause some nerve damage, on a smoothie).

normally, i’m not a hair drying kind of girl, but it’s cold outside and i am sick, so this morning i figured it’d be in my best interest not to leave the house with a wet head.  so, i pull out the hair dryer, dust it off and proceed to dry my hair.  all is going well.  now, i’m not 100% awake yet (due to the fact that it’s a) morning and b) i’m sick) and it’s all steamy in the bathroom and water has condensed on the hair dryer making it slippery and I, naturally, drop it.

in the scramble to catch the hairdryer before it hits the ground and breaks into a million pieces all over the floor the hot, metal blowy part ends up smashed up against my stomach.  so today, i’m sporting some low cut pants because i can’t tolerate anything rubbing on the huge, hair dryer shaped red welts on my tummy 😦

moral of the story:  don’t let beth near electrical appliances before ten a.m.


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