{October 17, 2008}   Seriously, it isn’t even the full moon…

Originally posted May 3, 2006

so i was woken up at 2:30 this morning by the sound of my lovely fat monster of a cat hacking up a hairball outside my bedroom door.  nice.  thanks for that.  so i haul my tired self out of bed, blearily clean up cat puke, wash my hands and stumble back to bed.  round 1:  cats 1, beth 0.

no sooner had i drifted back off to sleep, hoping to be rewarded for my noble cat puke clean-up with some lovely dreams, than my other furry monster (who gave the fat cat the hairball to begin with) decided that he needed attention (and now, damnit!) and proceeded to butt his head against my face and meow.  not being able to sleep with a cat nose in my eye i complied.  round 2:  cats 2, beth 0.

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