{October 17, 2008}   Language and Interpretations

Originally posted May 18, 2006

why is it that some words echo in your head for days?  someone can tell you a dozen nice things and then use one word, even if they mean it in a nice way, that holds a particular meaning for you, and awaken the specter of self-scrutiny that you have painstakingly been singing to sleep.

but that’s one of the more interesting (and fucked up) things about language, isn’t it?  even when we speak the same language, we often don’t speak the same language.  conotation and personal association have so much infulence on our interpretation of every day words that you never really know if someone hears what you are saying as you intended it.

is learning someone’s personal language what we really mean by “getting to know someone”?  are one’s friends (and here i mean real, true friends) the people who can interpret you and who you, in turn, can interpret?


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