{October 17, 2008}   Is it just me or…

Originally published November 20, 2006 it a little messed up that my family has a healthy % of cherokee ancestors, yet we celebrate thanksgiving…um, yay for the half of my ancestors who forced to other half to walk the trail of tears and handed out small pox wrapped in a blanket as if it were a gift??? yeah…

seriously, though, i guess was just wondering if anyone other than me had some mixed feelings about things this week…i mean, aside from the above, we shoot turkeys so full of hormones that their chests are overly enlarged to the point where they can hardly walk; we glut ourselves on food while others have nothing; we are more excited about the “day after thanksgiving” sales than we are grateful for the over-abundance of people with whom and things with which our life is already blessed; we teach our children that thanksgiving is about a day of harmony between two cultures, but we practice bigotry and intolerance in our everyday lives…

…the only redeeming value i can find for thanksgiving is that it does — as much as it can in it’s plasticized, overly commercial way — remind us that we should be thankful…

…and so this year i am thankful for awareness; for each opportunity to open someone’s mind, however gently; and for each and every one of you who have made this last year – which could have been so much worse — just a little bit brighter.


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